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Welcome to Betty's Family Fun Place

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Betty's pic on Betty's Family Fun Place Hi, I'm Betty. Welcome to my home on the web. Actually it's a new home as last year AOL decided to take away its free web space from its members forcing us to start all over again.

For a little bit of history, I joined AOL in March '97 and became so intrigued with the creativity exhibited at each site I visited, that I had to try my hand at creating my own web page. My original home page went "live" in March 98 and since that time has grown to over 500 pages. In March '99, I went live with my own domain (, for the majority of my site.

My purpose for creating "Betty's Family Fun Place" was to create a site to educate and entertain families. I update these areas frequently so there's always something new to see or do so I encourage you to visit often and tell your friends about my site.

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I'm employed as an Administrative Assistant for an environmental engineering firm in Westchester County, NY. My interests are varied and include reading, logic problems, Sudoku, travel, museums, web site design, computer art and counted cross-stitch.

Favorite ThingsPet Peeves
Color: BlueCaptious personalities
Food: Italian and MexicanDrivers who cut you off short
Holiday: Christmas People who claim to be your friend and can't wait to cause trouble for you with the boss
Movie: Miracle on 34th Street B/W A superior who asks you 5 times in one day the same question to which you've already
replied the "same answer" four times previously
Play: BrigadoonCorporate Downsizing
Vacation Spot: Hawaii People who think they know it all (no one does)

I have a couple of personal websites on the web which you may come across through Betty's Family Fun Site which I'm sure you'll also enjoy. Don't hesitate to visit these too!

Below are just two of my favorite places on the web; I actually have several hundred with all my web page resource sites.

Silver bulletAmerican Museum of Natural History

Silver bulletThe Museum of Unnatural Mystery

Well, that's it for now. I am interested in your comments with regard to my site so please feel free to post them in the guestbook below.

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