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Welcome to Betty's Family Fun Place

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Logo for Betty's Family Fun Place and Coupon GalleryWelcome to Betty's Family Fun Place . . . the best family fun place on the internet. While a little bit prejudiced, I'm certain that you'll visit often once you've experienced our "free" family offering.

This site includes:

Holiday Segment - Spend time with your family learning the history behind the most popular holidays while enjoying puzzles, games and more.

A Time Travel Christmas

Puzzle Corner - Enjoy a collection of jigsaw puzzles, quizzes, word searches and Sudoku.

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Computer Wallpaper - visit our computer wallpaper offering!

For Coffeebreaks Only - Great family fun when you have only a few minutes or during your lunchbreak; filled with trivia, puzzles and more.

Road to Frugality - a biweekly updated blog featuring various topics, tips and tricks for daily living and family fun. Learn how to use your money wisely. Topic: "You CAN Have an Affordable Thanksgiving"

Try us . . . and remember, it's FREE!


Below are a few of our other fine sites:

1876 Victorian England Revisited - Travel back in time to 1876 Victorian England and experience middle-class life as it was then.


Things Past and Present

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